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UPDATE: You guys asked a lot of really good questions, and I WILL be doing the V-Log Q&A before this weekend ends. Thanks!

I'll be doing a more upbeat, 'Viewer's Question' V-Log later today, if not later this same week. If you have questions for me, shoot away here. And the most interesting ones will be answered in the coming video.
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KaijuDuke Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015
I'll look forward to the V-Log when its ready :D
Enshohma Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I don't know if I should do it as a one take video, or wait till July and make a more polish video with edits and title text. Your thoughts?
KaijuDuke Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2015
Well, personally I've been looking forward to your thoughts for a while now & wouldn't object if it came sooner rather than later, BUT, its ultimately your call if you want to put it off until you feel its more polished & what not. If it were a film or TV series review I'd probably say wait a bit until its just right, but since its a V-Log with Q&A I don't think it needs to be absolutely flawless, but again its your call since I don't wanna rush ya if you don't feel its ready yet, I know if I were capable of making vids I'd want to make them as good as I possibly could "wonders how cool it would be to review toku flicks & shows for a living" XD

P.S. will the Crimson Weirdo ever return? I'd watch a review series hosted by that mysterious dude, can't imagine who he really is....>;3
subjub Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015
Are there any obscure tokusatsu or sentai groups you would like to get some notice.
KaijuDuke Featured By Owner Edited Jun 15, 2015
Hmm, lets see....

1) Are you hopeful & optimistic about the future of the Kaiju & monster film genre thanks to the success of films like Godzilla 2014 & Pacific Rim? As well as upcoming future kaiju projects being produced by Legendary & Toho? I know I am :D

2) Do you think modern tokusatsu TV shows like Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, & maybe Ultraman are too heavily commercialized in comparison to older entries in either series? You know, like too many transformations/power ups meant to sell more action figures, weapons that look too much like toys rather than functional weaponry, playing card based attacks, too many zords than are necessary to make a single megazord etc. 

3) If Shout Factory releases more Sentai or other Toku TV shows on DVD in the future like they did Zyuranger, which series do you hope will be released next?

4) Considering the fact that there have been two American produced Godzilla animated series, do you think Godzilla is long overdue for an anime TV show or OVA series? Or should just stick to live action films?
earthbaragon Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What are your current feelings about the state of straight to DVD pop horror/monster flicks? And what I am referring to here is, the silly named movies like Mega Shark, Sharktopus, Zombeaver, Sharknado, Arachnaquake and others. These are usually films that bank on people watching them because of the absurd titles (Zombeaver proving to be a pretty good hit right now). Do you feel this is a step forward for filmmakers that wish to do more "traditional monster films"...or is a step back? Are they having to sacrifice quality in other to entice the masses. it good that more people are watching monster movies?
Mrtrainfreak12 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 15, 2015  Student Filmographer
So do you feel that the kaiju genre is dying off with films announced like the supposed 50th anniversary Gamera films and many modern day Kaiju films never seeing the light of day and the public's seemingly negative reception of them or is it just me?
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