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January 24, 2009
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Magical Frog Girl by Enshohma Magical Frog Girl by Enshohma
Well…it was only a matter of time until this infamous character made it onto my Deviant Art gallery…and really, is it all that bad?

Inspired by the wacky kaijin (monster-people) you'd expect to find on shows like "Power Rangers", "Sailor Moon" and other 'magical girl' anime shows, but mixed with some of my own demented sensibilities, Magical Frog Girl was originally a recurring side character in an unpublished comic I did, in one of those 'shows-within-a-show' situations where the lead characters would often watch a terrible tokusatsu (Japanese live action effects program) dubbed "Surgeon-X". Later though, Magical Frog Girl became such an appealing character that the long-butted article below was an attempt to make her a full-fledged heroine...abet one that was still very much a semi-sinister Power Rangers reject.

Name: Magical Frog Girl
Aliases: Maggie; The Busty Amphibian Teenager of Terror; Frog Girl
Species: Magically and Genetically Mutated Frog
Age: 14 In human Years, Though Fully Mature Body Wise
Sex: Female
Height: 5/2
Weight: Unknown (because I’m not good with making up such)

Personality / Behavior:

An overly zealous and ditzy young woman, Magical Frog Girl is also quite charming and prone towards the forces of good, though she was once suckered into serving evil originally, thanks to her brief relationship with the TV Head Boss Man.

Despite this however, in the end she supports and loves her closest friends them with impressive tenacity. This same sort of tenacity is equally impressive on the battlefield, which also can be contributed to her zealousness and a good amount of insanity. She can get exceptionally angry when pushed too far, but no different from anyone else in similar situations.


Maggie has only three tools she uses in combat outside her natural given abilities; the first of which is her magical wand with a heart shaped emblem adorning the top. This wand can fire painful burst of heart shaped lasers at a rapid rate, as well as various variations of. But she mostly uses the wand to just bash opponents senselessly with, as it's as hard and as heavy as iron, though is easy for Frog Girl to carry due to her own strength. Her second and third tools in combat are her extremely strong gauntlets and boots, which are used for both great defense and better offense.

Abilities / Techniques:

Being a magical mutant frog, she has the abilities of her animal origins, but heightened, such as great jumping skills where she can dodge opponents' attacks or leap high over head for powerful kicks below. One ability that's not natural is her acidic spit, formed deep within her body and squirts out a good 18 feet at its farthest. This is specialized attack saliva however, for if this was common, she couldn't make out with boys; a fact Frog Girl is extremely grateful for.

Her skin is mostly dry and smooth like a human, but can produce an instant, slimy coat to protect her from sudden extreme heat; though only for a short amount of time, from which her jumping and running away capabilities come in handy.

Outside her regular biological defenses and attacks she has only two magical ones, both used sparingly as they're extremely powerful. The first of which is the Bosom Heart Bomb; a large deadly burst of heart-shaped energy she can be fired fourth from area...though luckily for her sake, no nudity is involved. And finally, the Pretty Flower Peddle Cannon Attack, where Maggie fires a massive amount of flower peddles from her two connected palms; when the little flower peddles hit an opponent, they explode with considerable force, and can be a nasty finishing maneuver indeed.

Background / History:

During the mid-1970s, Japan was having a boom of low budget, often outlandish, and surprisingly successful live action superhero shows that littered the television airwaves. One of the most infamous and least successful of these however was "Deadly Cosmic Physician Surgeon X" which followed the adventures of the title character against the Evil Galactic Landlord and his army of poorly design psychopathic henchmen. One such monster was Magical Frog Girl, who first appeared midway through the series in episode eleven, "The Busty Amphibian Teenager of Terror". In this story, the Evil Galactic Landlord uses 'overly sentimental magic' to transform an ordinary pet frog into a humanoid lass with unusual powers; Frog-Girl begins her winsome reign of terror by melting people near Tokyo International Airport with her acidic spit, but not before asking politely if she may do so. Eventually the alien android and part time medical teacher Surgeon X kills the buxom amphibian but slicing her head off, making this the only appearance of Magical Forg Girl within the series...

In more recent times, the bizarre alien villain dubbed TV Head Boss Man, who also happen to be the only existing fan of the long canceled (and more so obscure) "Surgeon X", was desperate for a reliable assistant in his sinister endeavors. Remembering the Magical Frog Girl storyline, he used a complicated mixture of magical and genetic manipulation to create a creature similar to the character, but what truly made his creation the real deal was his specially conceived own mental-imprinting methods, making the being seriously believe she was the said fictional character. Of course, even then she needed to mature naturally, as to avoid health problems later on, and although Frog Girl grew to womanhood far quicker then a regular human, for several years, TV Head Boss Man had a daughter in sort of a secret project kind of way.

Sure, this was incredibly inefficient and stupid, but TV Head Boss Man was that kind of person, and so was the physical version of Magical Frog Girl. But despite the deep gratitude and wonderful naivety towards her creator, Magical Frog Girl came to see TV Head Boss Man for what he truly was, and ended up siding with various heroes, both Earthly and alien, against him and similar foes. Fully freed from TV Head Boss Man's control, Magical Frog Girl now goes by the name of Maggie, and lives at a decent, low rent apartment in Las Angeles, working at an arts and crafts store down the street when not being one incredibly weird super heroine.

About her daddy: [link]
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Guyvantic Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
She is pretty cute. Did you base her off of Mona Lisa of the iriginal TMNT series?
Enshohma Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012
Thanks for the comments and sorry for the belated reply.

Actually no, since I never saw the episode featuring Mona Lisa, though she looks to be a better female mutant than what was done in later seasons and series.

As for Magical Frog Girl, her initial inspiration was a one of the monster-girls-of-the-week from "Sailor Moon", though that character had a smaller bust, and was dressed in jean shorts and a pink T-shirt.

Unfortunately, online information on that franchise's guest monsters are nearly non-existent, and thus that's all I can tell you about that particular character.
uberbomb Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
man both are so cute ... question i have to kiss her to make my dreams comes true ... because i want
Enshohma Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2011
Want what...?
aniwablue Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011  Student General Artist
Wow, she's wonderful! I love it!
Enshohma Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011
Thank you so much for saying so, though I have to admit that I need to shorten her biography considerably!
aniwablue Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011  Student General Artist
Do what you want! You're welcome!
Have a good day! :)
SkyRifter Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist

*!^_^!* your frog-girl pic is Awesome & cutez.

>Amphibian Frog & Lizard girls KICKZ ASS!*<3
Here's example of my Salamander self in cartoon formz Lolz*.
Enshohma Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011
Thanks for the image link and kind words on Maggie here; I agree, frog and reptile ladies are pretty neat!
SkyRifter Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist

*!^_^!* thankxyz.<3 i make this too. if you interested seeing.
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