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February 3, 2009
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Anguirus With Cheese Whiz by Enshohma Anguirus With Cheese Whiz by Enshohma
REAL TITLE: Anguirus 2000 and Cheese Whiz Monster

The most bizarre pairing to date in the ongoing Kaiju Portraits, featuring a lesser known incarnation of the otherwise famous Anguirus, with a minor foe from the obscure animated series "Megas XLR":


Kaiju Portrait #32: Anguirus 2000

The 32nd addition to the Kaiju Portraits is inspired by abandon character concepts from the film "Godzilla 2000", which despite the title was actually a 1999 release. Well before Orga and the Millennium Alien were conceived, three pre-existing monsters from Godzilla's past were considered for the film; Anguirus, King Caesar and Kumonga. Of course none of these three made it into the final version, but some reports indicate that at least Kumonga had a re-design done. The same cannot be said for the other two characters, and hence I had to make up a design for this Kaiju Portrait featuring only Anguirus 2000 (simply a nickname).

Many 'Unmade Monsters' surprisingly have designs or some kind of officially licensed version available somewhere if you look hard enough. However, for the ones that only exist in concept, I decided not only to create original designs, but do something that most fans wouldn't; make an educated guess based around the year and designs of the final projects these characters were connected to.

For Anguirus 2000 I figured that he would be similar to Godzilla's design from that film, because they're both Earth-based prehistoric dino-monsters, as oppose to Orga who was alien and had little similarities with Godzilla (a smart move considering all the reused design elements in the Heisei-era films). Also, like the unorthodox updates to Godzilla, Anguirus 2000 would have some as well, such as bright blue spikes, grey-tone skin and shell (the original was more of a bright army-style brown / green), and the bad teeth...because dino-monsters rarely had dental plans.

The Jack-Frost eyebrows are a bit much, I agree, but it looks good and the only personal artistic touch I threw in.

Anguirus would continue to be considered for other films before finally having a true return in "Final Wars" (along with King Caesar and Kumonga). These other dropped appearances included "GMK: All Monsters Attack", from which an actual design model was made for him. And "Tokyo S.O.S.", where he was one of two monsters meant for a beach-ridden corpse cameo, before Kamebas the turtle monster was chosen (the other was a Mosasaur-like creature). Now although I could have used the "GMK" design for this, that movie had a different continuity AND art direction from the rest in the Millennium series, and hence why I felt this incarnation of Anguirus needed its own.


Kaiju Portrait #33: The Cheese Wiz Monster

The 33rd addition to the Kaiju Portraits is the Cheese Whiz Monster, a minor adversary from episode 4 of the 2004 cartoon series "Megas XLR", titled "The Fat and the Furious".

Obviously a play on that illegal street racing franchise, the main storyline of the episode dealt with Coop and friends attending a custom car show, of which the car-headed title robot strangely fits in. Unfortunately the Gloft, the octopus-faced lead villains of the series, decide to make another attempt in capturing Megas during the event, which of course mayhem, giant robot battles, and hilarity ensues.

But before then, our heroes must deal with the Cheese Whiz Monster - born from a normal can of the food, but mutated into a Blob-like behemoth; all thanks to Coop wanting to see what happens when you shoot cheese whiz down Megas' main reactor core.

Yeah, it was that kind of show...damn, how I miss it!

The Cheese Whiz Monster was drawn during the episode’s original airing, but only recently completed as a full-fledge illustration. And without the episode easily on hand, I had to color the beast based on memory, though I made sure that all the chosen colors were orange or some other cheese-related coloring, even the pink tongue has an orange tinge to it. And obviously, the Cheese Whiz Monster has stronger line work then Anguirus above, because the former is apart of the new and improved larger-sized Kaiju Portraits, while Anguirus was the last of the inferior small scale ones (basically everyone before the Frankenstein combo).

I could have improved Anguirus 2000 while I was at it, BUT I have lots of Kaiju Portraits in the works (27 AT LEAST), and Anguirus 2000 had to be sacrifice for time sake.
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bagan-x-godzilla Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2011  Student
Awesome anguirus
Enshohma Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2011
Thanks, though wait till you see the new Anguirus one I'm working on. Speaking of which, did you also catch this pic as well: [link]
Warriorking4ever Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2010
Great Anguirus redesign! I think it stinks it took so long for Toho to bring him back to the movies, he totally should have appeared in GMK (his design for that film looked great!). I still liked the Final Wars version though.
Enshohma Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2010
Indeed, that sculpture of GMK Anguirus is a beautiful redesign, and would have loved to seen it finished in psychical suit form, especially since no one has done elongated front legs on quadruped kaiju since Tsuburaya Productions in the 1980s (and Gromite from "Ultraman Mebius").

I may have mentioned this already in the description above, but there were many close calls for Anguirus to return between "Destroyah" and "Final Wars"...

1-a tragic Anguirus who eventually mutated into a bug-like beast, in early drafts for "Ghost Godzilla" and "Destroyah" (I have design art for this somewhere)

2-Anguirus and King Ceasar (possibly even Kumonga) were all considered for "Godzilla 2000" before new boy Orga was decided upon.

3-GMK version of Anguirus of course.

4-Dead Anguirus, as well as a dead Mosasaur, for "Tokyo S.O.S", before settling on the more expendable Kamoebas cameo.
El-Vanguarde-san Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2010
Enshohma Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2010
Been awhile since I’ve seen that episode; actually line from Coop, I gather (because it sure sounds like him)?
El-Vanguarde-san Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2010
that is true, that is the the line that led him to squirting a can in the main engine thus creating the Cheeze Whiz monster, and such logic like coops logic is hilarious,
Enshohma Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2010
Thanks for clearing that up for me; I have every episode of "Megas XLR", but haven't watched them all in ages. Wish they at least bring the series to Boomerang, since a proper DVD release is doubtful.

Love Coop's less-than-rational thinking, though is it fair to consider him one of the most stupidest characters in giant robot / monster fiction, despite being a rather sweet guy?
El-Vanguarde-san Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2010
that's true, but despite his stupidity and recklessness, he's got a heart of gold.
Enshohma Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2010
Taht's so very true; for all his destructive short comings, Coop's big heart is his main appeal, and that was one of the best elements of episodes like "S-Force SOS".

I was going to do an illustration dubbed "The Four Dumbest Giants In The Cosmos", which would have had Megas (and by relation Coop) skipping in a filed of poppy flowers with Tendril (from "Inhumanoids"), Megalon (of Godzilla franchise fame), and Silvergon (from "Ultraman Tiga"), but it seems mean now thing about it.
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