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Raf Crazy Gonzalez
United States
Raf, better known as Enshohma online, is an artist, cartoonist, and writer whose main love of giant monster type characters shines through his works.

Current Residence: LA, in the CA
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Huh?
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Favourite cartoon character: Moltar, the whole cast of Dai-Guard, & various others.
Personal Quote: Giant Monsters: Always A Good Choice!

Which Ultra Series You'd Love To See Next on Crunchyroll? 

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Vacationing At The Swiss Alps by Enshohma Nancy and the Earth Eater by Enshohma

Allison Hayes Marathon

This coming Wednesday (November 19th, 2011), Turner Classic Movies will be airing a daytime marathon of films starring, or featuring, my first boyhood crush Allison Hayes. This of course includes the film she’s most famous for, ”Attack of the 50-Foot Woman” (1958).

In all honesty, most of the films outside ”50-Foot Woman” have Miss Hayes in minor supporting roles. But it’s still nice to see the musky redhead get some on-air recognition, on one of the last true movie channels left on basic cable.


This show is still amazingly campy, even to insulting lengths that sometimes offends me where the 1960’s ”Batman” could not, despite that one being a deliberate adventure-comedy. Plus, prequels have almost never satisfied me even as simple stand alone stories, with giant shameless ‘winks’ to what’s to come - Young Bruce Wayne might as be wearing a t-shirt reading ‘Wait For It...’

But the last four episodes (”Viper”, ”Spirit of the Goat”, ”Penguin’s Umbrella”, and ”The Mask”) have been quite good, showcasing the series’ strengths over its initial weaknesses. And among those strengths…

Harvey Bullock:

I’ve always been a fan of this ‘soiled cop’, who also happens to be the unlikely, but true friend of James Gordon. Robert Costanzo may be my first introduction to this morally gray hero (antihero?), but actor Donal Logue is killing it as the first live action portrayal of Harvey Bullock. Though admittedly, like the earlier episodes of ”Gotham”, his character was uneven, and at times needlessly villainous at moments. But it’s gratifying to see the ‘non-nerd’ public at large getting re-introduced to the character of Bullock, and to a similar extent, Donal Logue.

The Devil Manta Dilemma

In the last two months, and with the great assistance of several friends and associates, I’ve been gathering more information on this unproduced 1978 Kaiju Eiga from Toei Company. But I recently came to the realization that had ”Devil Manta” been made, than the fantasy space opera that ultimately supplanted it, ”Message from Space” might have never been made.

”Message from Space” is not a great Japanese sci-fi adventure, and does drag at times, making it hard to recommend. But the story of a band of anti-heroes, all chosen by cosmic destiny to defeat on overwhelming and callous alien armada, had a huge impact on me as a child, when I first saw in on TNT’s Monstervision back in the early 1990’s.

Look at a lot of my original alien and science fiction creations, as proof to this. Some of them maybe heroes, along with the true villains, but almost all of my otherworldly creations are untrustworthy losers and weirdos regardless!

Plus, seeing how ”Legend of the Dinosaurs” turned out, the loss of ”Devil Manta” might have been a blessing in disguise!

”Power Rangers Super-Megaforce”

I know a lot of people are enjoying this show, mostly for the nostalgia factor (beer goggles). But I’m sorry! I can’t wait for it to end its needlessly hyperactive, horribly edited run, to make room for a more level-headed entry in this underrated (yet still very silly) franchise. Even the upcoming multiple ranger reunion finale fills me with dread on how annoying the editing and preschool compatible attention span will be.

The next entry, ”Power Rangers Dino-Charge ” is meant to improve upon the failings on ”Power Rangers Super-Megaforce” (just writing that latter title sickens me). Especially with the return of producer Judd Lynn, who was a mainstay of the ‘Post-Zordon Era’ of the franchise, where everything was taken seriously, despite the colorful subject matter.

That’s a very hopeful sign for me, but knowing my luck, Nickelodeon is probably going to f***-it-up somehow. An annoying and equally pointless mid-season title change is a definite given...”Power Rangers Super-Duper Dino Charge” perhaps?

*Enshohma mentally vomits*

”Over the Garden Wall”

:iconchadrocco: dark prophecy of the ‘retardation’ of the once unique Cartoon Network has come to pass. And despite some underrated well-made hits like Adventure Time and ”Regular Show”, a lot of Cartoon Network’s slew of comedies from the last few years largely sucked. And it’s not helped by the current brass exterminating all its pure action-adventure programs. The DC Hour being reduced to back-to-back ”Teen Titan Go!” reruns, for example.

So it’s refreshing to find something like ”Over The Garden Wall” air on this channel in this uncertain day and age. The show is in a similar vein as ”Adventure Time”, as its a comedy on the surface, but with adventurous and dramatic elements subtly added. But unlike ”Adventure Time”, ”Over The Garden Wall” has a greater emphasis on melancholy darkness. And touching, sometimes even bittersweet character interactions, that elevates the series beyond most other contemporary animated shows.

I love the fairy tale elements, lowkey humor, entrancing soundtrack, the offbeat but appealing characters; despicable but rather tragic villains included. And the playful, yet American Gothic look and design of the series. And even though I’d love to see more from this series’ pleasantly strange world, the fact that it was simple nine-part miniseries works perfectly, as opposed to an ongoing narrative.

Sadly, most reviews for ”Over The Garden Wall” has been lukewarm, from television critics who prefer relative modern tripe instead (”Ninja Turtles” is their new darling). But from what I’ve seen across DeviantART lately, the fans have stated otherwise!

OtGW: Let's go home. by demitasse-lover Wirt by demitasse-lover Tanto gentile e tanto onesta pare... by Sillyselly

the beast of the unknown by Xeequins Over The Garden Wall by MadLibbs The Ringing of the Bell Commands You by Sillyselly

I hope to see more such highbrow, unorthodox mini-series in Cartoon Network’s future. Actually, now thinking about it...Gamera’s 50th Anniversary in coming up. Care to revisit that endeavor again Cartoon Network?


Asuka Fortress Robot Sketches by Enshohma
Asuka Fortress Robot Sketches
Since my Unmade Kaiju Sketches went over so well, I thought I'd share some more such nonsense. Though only focusing on one unproduced movie monster.

This is MY take on The Japanese Self-Defense Force Robot, who is high-jacked by the rouge military faction of "Gdozilla vs The Asuka Fortress" (originally meant for 1979).

More information found here:…

These sketches were done as apart of a commission for :iconwarriorking4ever: as we both agreed on a 'Realistic Mecha' approach to the JSDF Robot. This due the the growing popularity of such anime shows by the end of the 1970's, like "Mobile Suit Gundam" and "Armored Trooper VOTOMS".

Although :iconwarriorking4ever: was more than happy with most of the sketches, I believe we might have gone overboard creating a live action robot costume for 1979. Seriously, this looks more suitable for 1989's "Gunhed" than "Gdozilla vs The Asuka Fortress".

But hey, if it looks good, do it, I guess.

Sketch Menagerie: Kaiju Unmade Edition by Enshohma Not the GAMORA You're All Thinking Of by Enshohma

Takegami, Codename 'M' by Enshohma Takegami the Mutant Astronaut by Enshohma Godzilla vs Takegami by Enshohma

More JSDF Robot coming next week.


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